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The Tomogunchi Is a Murder Death Kill Virtual Pet for Your Virtual Wrist

A virtual dog on a virtual watch.

Do you remember Tamagotchi, the virtual pet you probably ignored to death? Well, if you’re a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player, you can finally have a virtual pet you won’t let starve to death. And that’s because it feeds on your in-game kills. This virtual virtual pet (not a typo) can be yours in-game for $10.

Yes, we meant a virtual virtual pet. See you can’t actually own a Tomogunchi in real life—at least not yet. Instead, you buy it in the Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare store for 1000 CoD Points (about $10). Then your avatar wears it.

Like the virtual pets that inspired it, the Tomogunchi starts as an egg on your watch, hatches, and then goes through the different stages of life. You can check on it with a quick press of the up arrow (an action that will likely get you sniped faster than you can yell Camper).

You take care of your pet by playing the game as usual. Namely, you need to get Kills, Objective Scoring, Killstreaks, and Wins. You can glance at your virtual watch to see its current mood and needs. But you better rack up those stats, because if you don’t your cuddly little virtual buddy will wither and die.

Can we be honest? It’s ridiculous. Buying a virtual pet for your virtual avatar in a game is the silliest thing we’ve written about today. But you don’t care, do you? You’re already loading up the game to buy a Tomogunchi. That’s ok; we won’t judge.

via Activision

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