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Razer’s Viper Mini Mouse Is Made for Gamers With Small Hands and Small Budgets

Razer Viper Mini gaming mouse

Minnie Mouse is a classic cartoon character, first appearing alongside her perennial beau Mickey in Disney’s original Steamboat Willie short in 1928. Since then she’s…what’s that? I read the title wrong? We’re talking about a mini computer mouse, namely Razer’s new Viper Mini? Oh, that makes more sense.

This more compact take on the design shaves the length down to 4.66 inches (the bigger Viper is a hair under 5), with a grip width of just 2.11 inches. It’s also a bit lighter at only 61 grams. The Mini costs only $40, half the price of the regular wired Viper, and has a few notable design tweaks. It adds an extra strip of RGB lighting on the back in addition to the Razer logo, and the DPI adjustment switch moves from the bottom of the mouse to the much more usual spot “above” the main left and right buttons.

You do pay a price for that value. While the Viper Mini keeps its big brother’s signature optical primary button switches, it loses the right-side thumb buttons that makes the original design friendly for left-handed users. The sensor is downgraded from 16000 DPI to just 8500 (though I think that’s still more than enough for most players), and it loses a little bit of the extra-grippy plastic on the side panels.

If none of that bothers you, the Viper Mini is on sale now via Razer’s online store. It should show up at other retailers soon.

Via The Verge 

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