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Nintendo Is Making the Charging Kickstand You’ve Wanted This Whole Time

Easily one of the worst aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that you can’t prop it up on a table and charge it at the same time. Nintendo’s new dock fixes this problem.

The Switch’s charging port, which also happens to be the port it uses for video output, is located on the bottom of the console so it can be easily placed in the TV dock that comes with the console. This is fine for that one use, but it also means that if you flip out the kickstand and prop the console up on a table—you know, like all the ads show you can do—then you can’t charge it without knocking it over.

This is a problem that third-party accessory manufacturers have acknowledged and tried to fix by making docks that can prop the console up at an angle while also charging the device. Some of those accessories can also brick your console. Naturally, Nintendo had to step up and make its own charging stand. While it can’t perform the function of a full dock—there is no video output to a TV—you can, at last, charge your console and play it on a table at the same time.

The new accessory costs $20, which is a reasonable price for the kind of accessory we would’ve liked to have since day one. The charging stand will go on sale July 13th.

Source: Nintendo


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