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The 10 Best Umbrellas That’ll Have You Covered—Rain or Shine

Umbrellas are a helpful tool to keep drenching rains (or burning rays) off your head. Whether your priority is durability, style, size, or ease of use, we’ve rounded up ten fantastic umbrellas to fit into any lifestyle and budget.

While all of our picks protect you from rain (and most of them, sans the quirky clear bubble one will work for the sun too) the variety of umbrellas we collected do so much more and will leave you wondering how you lived without them. From umbrellas that work with one hand to umbrellas that hold your coffee when you’re on the way to work, help you see in the dark, or even keep your dog dry, we’ve found something for everyone!

Best Automatic Umbrella: HQdeal Automatic Umbrella ($11)

Have you ever been stuck in the pouring rain, trying to push open your stubborn umbrella that just isn’t clicking? The HQdeal Automatic Umbrella has one button to automatically open and close the umbrella. The ease at which you can use this umbrella is great anyone—children, elderly folks, or anyone with physical limitations—who may struggle with pushing umbrellas open and closing them without getting soaked. Water won’t drip downwards after closing because of its inverted design, too, so you’ll be sure to stay dry! The HQdeal even has a safe-lock design that prevents the umbrella from popping open.

Best Reverse-Folding Umbrella: Spar.saa ($23)

While the previous entry also had an inverted design, the Spar.saa lets you close your umbrella in the opposite direction as traditional umbrellas, which that allows for better drying because you can hang it upside down with its c-shaped handle (either on your arm, on the handle inside of a car, on a door knob, a baby stroller, etc.). This umbrella also has a double layer design that allows you to fold the wet top later inside of the dry bottom layer as you’re walking inside or getting into your car. This keeps you and your surroundings completely dry from the rain that collects on the umbrella. Lastly, the Spar.saa umbrellas have lots of cool patterns and colors on their undersides that are also seen when the umbrella is inverted.

Best Umbrella to Combat Wind: Kolumbo Unbreakable Umbrella ($16)

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the rain when your umbrella has flipped inside out. Luckily, the Kolumbo Unbreakable Umbrella has been tested to withstand up to 55 mile per hour winds so you can walk through a storm and stay dry. With its strong frame, if the Kolumbo is flipped inside out, it will quickly spring back into shape. Stay dry and have the peace of mind during those windy days that this umbrella is guaranteed not to break.

Best Compact Umbrella: Fidus ($25)

A lot umbrellas advertise that they’re compact, but the Fidus Mini Umbrella is a 7 ounce, 6.6 inch-long umbrella can fit in the palm of your hand—you won’t even believe that it’s 34 inches wide when open! It’s also perfect for traveling and super portable, letting you fit it in a purse, bag, glove box, you name it. But even though it’s small, it still gets the job done by keeping out rain and UV rays with its sturdiness and durability (even offering 95% UV protection).

Best Large Umbrella: G4Free ($30)

Want an umbrella that’s big enough to shelter you and friends (or you and your work bag full of important gear and papers)?  The G4Free umbrella is either 62 or 68 inches wide, depending on the size you choose. It’s great for walking in the rain with a golf bag, backpack, suitcase, or even multiple people. The G4Free is not only large enough to guarantee that you stay dry, but it also provides you with a more traditional-looking style. It’s a perfect fit for someone who wants extra space and traditional styling. The G4Free does not, as you would expect, collapse down to fit in your glovebox.

Best Dome-Shaped Umbrella: Rainbrace Bubble Umbrella ($20)

So far, all of our entries look pretty much the same when opened, but the Rainbrace Bubble Umbrella looks a little different than your typical umbrella. The Ranbrace has a dome shape that allows you to hold the umbrella closer to your body. It covers you better than the wider umbrella styles, and can keep you drier with winds that blow rain horizontally. The Rainbrace is also clear so you can look through it and walk straight (or even enjoy the view of the rain as you’re walking). If you’re looking for something whimsical with a dash of 1960s fashion thrown in, this is it.

Best Umbrella to Hold Your Coffee: Urban Zoo ($29)

You’re on your way to work in the rain and you’re juggling between your bag, coffee mug, and umbrella. If you’ve got a lot in your hands and it’s raining, maybe it’s time to get the Urban Zoo Umbrella—the umbrella that holds your coffee mug at the end of the handle. Multitask while you’re walking in the rain by placing your coffee mug (either 12, 16, or 20 ounce sizes from Starbucks or similar) into the mug holder of the umbrella. Also stay dry when closing the umbrella because the Urban Zoo has an inverted design like the HQdeal and Spar.saa. It even has an automatic close button, so you don’t even have to put your coffee down when walking inside.

Best Night-Time Umbrella: BESTKEE Lightsaber Umbrella ($23) 

Do you like Star Wars, staying dry in the rain, and always handy illumination? If so, then this umbrella is a perfect fit. The central shaft of the umbrella resembles a lightsaber with 7 LED color options—all at the press of a button. The bottom of the handle even has a flashlight that lets you illuminate your feet and your path as you’re walking. This umbrella is a fun option if you like the creative light saber design, but the safety aspect of visibility is also a plus.


Best Umbrella/Cane Combo: Drive Medical Cane Umbrella ($41)

If you need assistance walking, the danger of walking in the rain increases dramatically. With the press of a button, the Drive Medical Cane Umbrella releases a cane from the bottom of the umbrella so you can walk securely and stay dry.

When the cane is taken out, there’s still an easy-grip handle for the umbrella. The Drive Medical Cane Umbrella is great for saving space if you need a cane to walk with, and it even has a button to open the umbrella easily. Although it might not be  your daily driver, so to speak, for days that the weather forecast calls for rain it’s a great all-in-one solution.

Best Umbrella to Keep Your Small Dog Dry: NiceHyacinth ($17)

As a final consideration, we’ve even included your four legged friends in our umbrella roundup. Your pets may want to be dry in the rain, just like you do (and if they don’t, well, you probably won’t want a wet pup jumping up on the furniture regardless). The NiceHyacinth Dog Umbrella fits small dogs like pomeranians, yorkies, small poodles, and similar sizes. This umbrella has a built in chain leash that hooks to your dog’s collar. The handle of the umbrella is like a normal long umbrella handle, except the umbrella cover is facing the other direction to shield your dog from the rain. With easy installation, you can take the NiceHyacinth (and your dog) on a walk in the rain in no time.

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