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Dyson’s New $500 Cordless Hair Straightener Might Just Save You Money

A woman using the new Dyson Corrale hair straightener

I’m a bald man, and I’ve never used a hair straightener in my life. However, I do have a wife who I have heard complain about her current straightener many, many times. I think Dyson’s new Corrale hair straightening might be the answer to all of her quandaries.

Except that, like other Dyson products, it’s crazy-expensive—$500 for a hair straightener is no joke. But also like other Dyson products, this thing is a new take on an old tool that changes the game.

Traditional hair straighteners work by using two heat plates to literally flatten hair. The thing is, while this works, it’s actually bad for hair and causes all sorts of nearly irreparable damage because of the heat and the squeezing action.

The Dyson Corrale addresses both of these things by reducing the heat and addressing the pressure applied to the hair. According to Dyson, it’s “all the same styling with half the damage.” Sounds pretty solid.

But how does it achieve this? By using flexing plates. You see, most straighteners use solid plates—the best ones are ceramic, but there are all sorts of other materials in use, too. The Corrale uses ultra-thin manganese-copper alloy plates with thin slices every 2-3 mm that allow the plate to flex.

This is a two-fold improvement over the static state of most hot plates on straighteners: it allows the user to apply less pressure on the straightener overall, which does less damage. It also allows for better results at lower temperatures, which also does less damage.

A woman using the Dyson Coralle hair straightener on one side, with curly hair on the other

So, the end result is straighter hair in less time with less overall damage. Even as someone who purposefully doesn’t have hair, I can appreciate that (even if just vicariously through my wife).

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s cordless (and rechargeable), so you can use it on the go. A full charge will get 30-40 minutes at high heat (410 degrees), while lower settings (330 or 360) will get you up to an hour of use. Very cool.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself it’s worth $500. The knee-jerk reaction is to say “ugh, I’d never pay that for a straightener.” But if you spend a lot of time straightening your hair, thus doing a lot of damage to said hair, then spending money to correct that damage…well, on a long enough timeline, the Corrale might just pay for itself.

via Engadget

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