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DoNotPay’s Chrome Extension Safely Shares Your Netflix and Other Subscriptions

Subscription sharing is almost as ubiquitous as the subscriptions themselves. No one can afford to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, CBS All Access, AND HBO Now (let alone the others). So more and more people are resorting to password sharing, which isn’t safe. DoNotPay has you covered; its new Chrome extension will share your subscription safely and securely.

DoNotPay made its name as an AI app that helps you contest parking tickets and provides legal advice. Over time the service has grown to include other features like helping you cancel a free trial or sue large companies in small claims court.

Now DoNotPay is helping you share your favorite subscriptions without handing out your passwords. Once you install the extension and log in, all you have to do is navigate to subscription sites (like Netflix or Hulu) while logged in. Click on the DoNotPay button and it will offer to generate a link you can share with family or friends.

You see, when you choose to stay logged into a site, it creates a cookie to remember you. DoNotPay makes a copy of that cookie, encrypts it, and uses the link to send it to your friend or family member. The site will think they’ve input the correct username and password, all without ever knowing what those credentials are.

DoNotPay even set up a trading system so you can share your subscription with someone else who agrees to share a different subscription with you. Keep in mind though, most subscription sites have device limits, and some (like Spotify) don’t want you sharing your account and are starting to check. Use this at your own risk. You can download it from the Chrome Extension store now.

via Venture Beat

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