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New Ring Video Doorbell 3 Leaks Suggest Improved WI-Fi and Motion Detection

A Ring Video Doorbell.

It’s been long enough since the Ring Video Doorbell 2 launched that we can safely bet a followup is on the horizon. And thanks to FCC filings and a leaded ad, we have an idea of what the new doorbell’s features and the price will be. You’ll probably see improved Wi-Fi, motion detection, and a $199 price.

We still don’t recommend Ring products for most users. The best video doorbell you can buy is the Eufy Doorbell, thanks to its low price and lack of subscriptions. Even if you prefer to have cloud storage, we’d recommend Nest over Ring. That’s in part because Nest integrates with Nest Hub better than Ring integrates with the Echo Show. But, more importantly, Ring’s security practices don’t give us confidence.

When hackers were breaking into Ring accounts, the company initially blamed its users. Eventually, the company stepped up and started making good changes, but it hasn’t gone far enough yet. And that’s to say nothing of the company’s willingness to sell your data.

But, if you’re all in on Amazon and Alexa products, then a Ring doorbell might be the best choice for you. And, if what we can see from FCC documents turn out correct, there is a lot to like about the changes the new doorbell will have.

First up is improved Wi-Fi by upgrading to a radio that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. That should help with congestion issues and lead to a better streaming experience. It looks like Ring is working to improve its motion detection as well, with a focus on doing a better job when the subject is closer to your door (5-15 feet away).

The look appears to be more or less the same, but it strengthens the screw system to thwart video doorbell theft. And a leaked Target ad shows a $199 price, which is line with current pricing. All this is still a rumor, of course, but the various sources are reliable (especially FCC documents). We don’t know when Ring will announce the new doorbell, but when it does, we’ll let you know.

via Tom’s Guide

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