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The Fastest Wireless Chargers for Every Device Imaginable

Someone places their phone on a wireless charger.

It’s impossible to ignore the convenience of wireless charging. Yet, that convenience factor always comes at the price of charging speed—at least, that’s what it feels like when you use a crappy wireless charger. Most modern phones support reasonably fast wireless charging speeds. You just need to own a wireless charger that’s fast enough to keep up.

Before Shopping for a Wireless Charger

Most modern phones charge wirelessly at speeds between 5 and 10 watts. This means that to take full advantage of your phone’s wireless charging capabilities, you should buy a wireless charger that operates at 10 watts or more. In fact, a 15-watt wireless charger may be your best bet, as new devices like the Pixel 4, the Galaxy S10 and S20,  and the LG V30 have already crossed the 10-watt threshold.

There are still some other points to keep in mind while shopping for a wireless charger. While these aren’t as important as raw charging speed, they may affect what product you buy:

  • Power Adapters: To push a wireless charger to its maximum charging speed, you need to pair it with a proper power adapter. All of the wireless chargers in this list are sold with good power adapters, save for the ZeeHoo Universal Car Charger, which should be used with a cigarette lighter to USB-C PD adapter.
  • Cases and Wireless Charging: Most phone cases will work with wireless chargers. But cases that contain anything magnetic (metal, credit cards, etc.) will obstruct wireless charging.
  • Galaxy S10 and S20 Phones: Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20 phones use proprietary technology to reach 15-watt wireless charging speeds. In other words, you won’t get those 15-watt speeds from a third-party charger. Instead, you’ll have to use Samsung’s 15-watt fast charging stand.
  • Google Pixel Phones: If you own a Pixel phone and you’re a fan of smart home features, such as smart home camera integration or photo slideshows, then the official Pixel Stand is worth checking out. Just know that it charges at a max speed of 10 watts (perfect for the Pixel 3, but slower than the Pixel 4’s 11-watt wireless charging).
  • AirPods and the Apple Watch: Earbuds that charge wirelessly, like the AirPods, will charge on any wireless charging stand. But the Apple Watch only charges over a special magnetic unit.

As a side note, phone manufacturers suggest buying Qi-Certified wireless chargers, which are tested for their speed, safety, and universal device compatibility. All of the wireless chargers in this list are Qi-Certified.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking at, it’s time to start shopping for a wireless charger. We’re going to cover everything from proprietary charging stands to universally mountable car chargers, so be sure check out every option before spending any money.

Best Overall: CHOETECH Wireless Charging Stand

The CHOETECH wireless charging stand.

CHOETECH’s 15-watt wireless charging stand is the real deal. It’s incredibly fast, yet it’s somehow the least expensive wireless charger in this roundup. Its two-coil design guarantees that your phone will charge properly at any angle and its vertical form-factor make it easy to watch movies while charging your phone.

Just know that this stand doesn’t contain Samsung’s proprietary wireless charging technology. This is only an issue if you own a Galaxy S10 or S20 device, which charge at 15 watts on Samsung wireless chargers. (For what its worth, these phones charge at 10 watts on the CHOETECH stand.)

Another Favorite: The Nomad Base Station

Photos of the Nomad Base Station and Base Station Hub.

The Nomad Base Station Stand is the Cadillac of wireless chargers. It’s made with a leather dual-coil charging pad for portrait or landscape orientations, and it supports 10-watt charging through a USB-C cable. In our experience, the Base Station Stand outclasses the competition with its fantastic design, and it maintains a strong connection on even the rockiest of surfaces.

But Nomad doesn’t just sell charging stands. The company’s premium Nomad Base Station Hub makes for a wonderful dual-device charging mat, and has a USB-A and 18-watt USB-C output for powering additional devices. Nomad even sells the Base Station Hub with an Apple Watch stand, so you can charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all in one place.

Best for Samsung: Samsung Fast Charge Stand

The Samsung wireless charging stand.

As we mentioned earlier, Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20 phones (along with their Note 10 and 20 counterparts) charge wirelessly at 15 watts, but only when they’re paired with Samsung’s proprietary 15-watt wireless charger.

This is among the best wireless chargers on the market. It has a built-in fan, a two-coil design for multiple viewing angles, and an attractive build to boot. But it’s also the most expensive wireless charger on this list. For this reason, we only suggest buying Samsung’s 15-watt charger if you own an S10 or S20 device.

Best for Samsung Phones

Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand - Black (US Version with Warranty)

Samsung's proprietary wireless charger is the only device that can wirelessly charge Galaxy S10 and S20 phones at 15-watts. It's expensive, but it's the best option for Samsung users.

Best for Apple Fans: MQOUNY Wireless Charging Stand

The MQOUNY Wireless Charging Stand

Any wireless charger on this list will work perfectly for iPhone owners, as the iPhone 11 charges wirelessly at just 7.5 watts. But if you’re a hardcore Apple fan with a mess of accessories, then MQOUNY’s wireless charging stand may be the best option for you. It operates at 7.5 watts and has a built-in magnetic charger for the Apple Watch. As with any wireless charger, the MQOUNY also works with AirPods and other wirelessly charging earbuds.

As a side note, Logitech sells a 3-in-1 charging stand that’s made specifically for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It’s an expensive option, but it’s more robust than the MQOUNY charging stand and $20 cheaper than the 3-in-1 Nomad Base Station.

Best for Apple Fans

MQOUNY Wireless Charger,2 in1 in 1 Wireless Charger Stand,Charging Station Compatible with iWatch Series 5/4/3/2/1,Fast Wireless Charger Compatible with iPhone 8/X/XR,Samsung S10 All Qi Phones(Black)

MQOUNY's wireless charging stand pushes the iPhone 11 to its maximum wireless charging speed, and even has a magnetic Apple Watch charger built-in.

Best Multi-Device Mat: CHOETECH Dual-Charging Mat

 The CHOETECH wireless charging mat

Dual-charging mats allow you to charge two devices at once. They’re a solid option for couples or anyone who likes to charge their phone and earbuds wirelessly. CHOETECH’s wireless charging mat is among the fastest (and most reliable) on the market, as it doesn’t have any dead zones and can charge two devices at 10 watts simultaneously.

CHOETECH’s dual-charging mat sells for nearly $40. That’s a decent price for any charging mat—especially one with 10-watt simultaneous charging. Still, it’s worth mentioning that a pair of CHOETECH 15-watt charging stands costs just a few dollars more than this mat, and may stand as a comfortable alternative.

For Popsockets: The PopPower Wireless Charger

The PopPower charging stand.

Now, we’re getting into some weird territory. PopSockets, the round phone grips that stick to the back of your device, are notorious for obstructing wireless chargers. As of right now, the only solution is to buy a PopPower wireless charger—an ingenious device with a cutout that fits PopSockets.

The PopPower isn’t cheap at all. But it’s the only wireless charger that’ll work for PopSocket users, and it reaches commendable 15-watt speeds. It also works for phones that do not have a PopSocket or accessories like AirPods.

We had a chance to use the PopPower earlier this year, and subsequently crowned it The Best Mobile Accessory at CES 2020. It’s a simple yet innovative product, and we hope to see more PopSocket accessories in the future.

Best for Cars: ZeeHoo Universal Car Charger

The ZeeHoo Universal Car Charger 

Using a wireless charger in the car is like a dream. You don’t have to worry about plugging in your phone, you just set it and forget it. But it’s difficult to find a fast wireless charger that fits into every car, so we’re going to focus on a universally compatible option from ZeeHoo.

ZeeHoo’s car charger charges at a maximum of 10 watts, has an adjustable phone clamp, and can rotate into horizontal or vertical orientations. It’s packaged with an air vent mount and a pivoting suction cup mount that’ll work well on nearly any surface of your vehicle.

The ZeeHoo’s only fault is that it isn’t sold with a power adapter (but it does come with a proper USB-C cable). If you buy this mount, be sure to grab a cigarette lighter to USB-C PD adapter

Best for Cars

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger,15 W Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Mount,Windshield Dash Air Vent Phone Holder for iPhone 14 13 12 Mini 11 Pro Max XS XR 8,Samsung S22 S21 S20 Note 20 10 9 8

ZeeHoo's 10-watt universal car charger is fully adjustable, and comes with a suction cup mount and air mount. It's a solid wireless charger that'll work in any vehicle.

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