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16 Star Wars Model Kits for Fans of All Ages

Bandai Hobby Moving X-Wing Model
Bandai Hobby

Starships are one of the most iconic parts of Star Wars. Pretty much anyone can recognize a Tie Fighter, X-Wing, or Star Destroyer. And, with such great ship designs, people naturally want to own real-world versions of them. Fortunately, we think we can help you with that.

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A Word About These Sets …

Plenty of figures and playsets have been released over the years to capture these designs, but there is something to be said for building the ship yourself. And, we aren’t talking about LEGO sets either (although, they are pretty cool), but rather full-blown model kits that try to recreate the ships as they appear in the films as accurately as possible.

Model kits can vary in complexity and price, and there are plenty of options out there. So, whether you’re brand new to model kits or have been building them for years, we got together the best kits we could find for fans of every age and experience level.

For Young Builders and Beginners

Revell X-Wing and Tie Silencer

More complicated kits can require tools, painting, and even working with metal. Before we get to those, we wanted to focus on a few of Revell’s kits, which are largely aimed at kids and beginners. These kits are simple to assemble, made out of safe materials, and still look pretty good.

  • Revell Snaptite Millenium FalconThe easiest way to build your own Millenium Falcon, with only 19 pieces that snap together. You also have some additional fun features like a light-up engine and some “action sounds” like the ship taking off.
  • Revell Snaptite X-WingBased on Poe’s X-Wing from The Force Awakens, this faithful model seals the deal with folding wings, an opening cockpit, and BB-8 and Poe Dameron included with the kit.
  • Revell Build and Play Tie SilencerThis menacing fighter not only looks great but also has some additional features, like a light-up engine and playable battle sounds. It even comes with a little Kylo Ren figure to pilot the ship.

Moderate Difficulty

Bandai Hobby X-Wing and Fascinations Millenium Falcon
Bandai Hobby and Fascinations

These kits step things up in complexity quite a bit; construction now requires more than just snapping some pieces together, and instead, relies on other methods of connection. Of course, you get more detailed models to make up for that. There are two major brands that create kits at this level: Bandai Hobby and Fascinations.

Bandai Hobby is a well-known model kit manufacturer, and it has been doing Star Wars kits for years. The kits are made out of molded plastic and offer some of the most accurate details available today while keeping the construction process as simple as possible. You may need to cut away parts of pieces for them to connect properly, but it’s easy to do with a razer or box knife.

Fascinations’ kits are pure metal models. The pieces connect using tabs that need to bend into place with tweezers. The finished builds all look great, and it has a good selection of kits.

  • Bandai Hobby X-Wing: A highly detailed X-Wing with options. You can get this in red, blue, green, and orange. All the options are colored to be film accurate and come with display stands to show off your new pride and joy.
  • Bandai Hobby A-WingThe curved design of the A-Wing is accurately brought to life with this kit—it even includes a Death Star laser turret for some added set dressing.
  • Bandai Hobby Tie Series Fighters: The simple designs of the Tie FighterTie Interceptor, and Tie Advanced X1 are captured perfectly in these kits. All three come with a display stand modeled after the surface of the Death Star, and they even have laser bolts that can be attached to the ship’s cannons for that finishing touch.
  • Bandai Hobby Slave ILooking just as weathered as it did in The Empire Strikes Back, this model of Boba Fett’s iconic ship is just about perfect. It even includes a Boba Fett figure for the cockpit. You can display it vertically in flight with the display stand, or flat down like it has landed.
  • Bandai Hobby 1/144 Scale Millenium FalconBased on the Millenium Falcon’s appearance in The Force Awakens, this model keeps all the important details of the Falcon intact. The back engines will light up, and it even includes figures of Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca in the cockpit. Bandai Hobby also has a version of this model for The Last Jedi.
  • Fascinations X-WingThis metallic X-Wing model has bright vivid colors and an angular look that gives it a unique style. The display stand also looks great with the Rebellion symbol on it, which is a nice touch.
  • Fascinations A-WingBased on the Resistance’s A-Wings in The Rise of Skywalker, this green and yellow A-Wing is highly detailed. The display stand even has a yellow Resistance symbol to give it some extra flair.
  • Fascinations Y-WingNot only is this Y-Wing highly detailed, but it also has a unique color scheme. The body is all silver with highlights of red popping out. It gives the model a great and unique look.
  • Fascinations Sith Tie FighterUsing the same silver and red aesthetic of the Y-Wing, now you can display the Sith Tie Fighter from The Rise of Skywalker on your desk.
  • Fascinations Lando’s Millenium FalconThis model captures the white and blue look of the Millenium Falcon from Solo perfectly. Everything is made accurate to the Falcon’s appearance in Solo, from the still attached escape pod on the front of the ship to the circular satellite dish.
  • Fascinations Star DestroyerThe most menacing ship in all of Star Wars, the iconic Star Destroyer can now rest on your desk. The all-silver look Fascinations used here works with the ship’s appearance in the films and the amount of detail packed into this relatively small model is incredible.

The Enthusiast Level

Bandai Hobby MIllenium Falcon and Moving X-Wing
Bandai Hobby

These are the kits that ask for a lot of time, effort, and usually, money. These kits may not be cheap, but once they are done, they are some of the most impressive Star Wars items a fan can own.

  • Bandai Perfect Grade 1/72 Scale Millennium FalconThe Millennium Falcon model to rule them all, this is the most accurate real-life version of the Falcon you can own. Based on detailed research of the actual model used in filming A New Hope, this 19-inch model has every detail of the iconic ship. There are LEDs to light up the cockpit, engines, and landing gear, and the kit includes figures of Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, and C-3PO. Be aware, you do have to paint it yourself, which will take a while.
  • Bandai Hobby Moving X-Wing KitThis is the perfect piece of Star Wars desk decor (even if it’s an admittedly expensive one). This highly detailed model of the X-Wing has a few tricks up its sleeve. Using the buttons on the display stand, the ship’s wings will open and close, the engine lights up, and it even includes figures of Luke and R2-D2 accurate to their look at the end of A New Hope.
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