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Everything Sucks, So Here’s Some Cute Positive Junk to Brighten Your Day

A photo of the cutest puppy on the planet.

It’s been a stressful week, huh? Let’s just step away from the world for a minute to indulge in some cute videos. Here’s enough heartwarming content to keep you going through the coming weeks and months.

Monkeys Fooled by Magic Tricks

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff we like to see. Monkeys love a good joke, and their keen sense of spatial awareness and object permanence makes them a wonderful subject for magic tricks. They may not be as smart as humans (the verdict’s still out on that), but they love to laugh, they love to play with slime, and they love to steal alcohol from unsuspecting humans.

A Wonderful Golden Retriever Puppy Livestream

Like The Office, Ellen Welk’s 11-hour long golden retriever puppy livestream is the kind of mindless background content that fuels the soul. It pushes good vibes through any computer or TV set, and it’s the perfect companion for any long day.

This isn’t the only animal livestream on the internet, but it’s one of our personal favorites. For a wide selection of animal streams, check out Explore, a portal that’s filled with live cams of dogs, fish, eagles, penguins, and more.

I’m the Baby, Gotta Love Me!

Baby Yoda, a well-known character from the Baby Yoda Show (or the Mandalorian, whatever) is one of many creatures that keeps us going in times of crisis. But Disney doesn’t give enough airtime to the angel known as Baby Yoda, so we have to resort to YouTube edits and compilation videos for our Baby Yoda fix.

We’re also big on Baby Yoda toys, and we find that they are effective in combating existential worry and mental stress. In fact, we’re waiting on a life-sized Baby Yoda pre-order right now, as cuddling the baby is sure to provide mental strength and fortitude.

Our Good Friends Gudetama and Pusheen

Gudetama and Pusheen are absolute gems. Their infinite supply of animated videos is enough to keep you going through the rest of 2020, and maybe through the rest of humanity. They’re cute, empowering, and possibly the center of the universe.

A Giant Ass Bear With a Giant Ass Heart

Everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned 9-foot tall Kodiak bear. They’re cute, cuddly, and they weigh nearly 2,000 pounds. And while we wouldn’t suggest hanging out with a giant ass bear, it’s fun to watch other humans play with their special cub on YouTube.

Cats and Dogs Challenging the World Order

You know the drill. Pet compilations are a powerful force that could change our world, as they challenge the status quo and exude enough positive energy to power a star. If you need enough positive energy to power a star (who doesn’t?) then it’s time to go down the pet compilation rabbit hole.

Some Sweet Little Baby Goats in Pajamas


Goats are weird and they eat weird things. But that doesn’t make baby goats in pajamas any less cute. In fact, they don’t have to wear pajamas to be cute. They just need to do backflips, make alien noises, and exist.

Animal Crossing and DOOM (My Only Obsession)

Animal Crossing New Horizons and DOOM Eternal come out on March 20th, and they may be the only thing keeping the world together at this point. There’s a lot to talk about here, much of which we covered in our How to Plan Your Perfect DOOM-Animal Crossing Crossover Launch Night guide.

But it’s worth mentioning that the DOOM and Animal Crossing fandom is working together to fix the universe, and that Nintendo is currently rolling out a cute crossover event for Pocket Camp players.

Chiitan, the Chaotic and Slightly-Violent Mascot

Japan has a mascot for everything, from apples to tourism. But Chiitan, an unofficial mascot that terrorizes the small port city of Susaki, may be the most powerful mascot of all. It is a 0-year old fairy baby with a penchant for destruction, violence, and slapstick. In other words, it’s a grown-ass human that goes absolutely bonkers while wearing a cute mascot suit.

Larva, a Freaky yet Mesmerizing Show

The animated kids show Larva straddles the line between cute and disturbing. But that just makes it cuter. These weird bugs (or whatever they are) find an infinite number of ways to get into trouble and make weird unintelligible noises. If you need a potentially dangerous dose of cute, then this is the solution.

Kids Being Harassed by Animals—Always a Treat

We love chaotic animals, especially when they find ways to startle children. This video from FPV is a shining example of how ducks, goats, cats, and dogs can exude cute energy while stressing out smaller human beings. If you’re some kind of scientist, then please take a moment to email us and explain why this video is cute. Its power is beyond our comprehension, and we’re a little worried that it’s too cute for us to handle.

Foo the Flowerhorn’s Enchanting Fish Tank Videos

Foo the Flowerhorn’s videos are a personal favorite of mine. They chronicle the life of a disturbing-in-a-cute-way kind of fish, and how a dedicated fish owner deals with things like feeding time, fish illness, and constructing new enclosures. This stuff ain’t for everyone, but give it a shot. It took me a while to come around to how cute it really is, and now it’s something that I like to mindlessly watch while cooking.

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