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These Kids Made a Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Pump and We Love It

An Arduino board over a hand sanitizer bottle.
Sergey Privalov/Shutterstock Purell

Right now, you can’t be too safe when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. Hot water and soap are the best options, but hand sanitizer may do in a pinch, especially in a classroom setting. But then all the kids have to touch the same pump, defeating the point. Well, some enterprising children solved that problem nicely with an Arduino and some sensors.

This video comes courtesy of Twitter user afroRoboticist who posted it for everyone to see. The video shows children testing a hacked together touch-less sanitization system. From what we can see it looks like they’re using an Arduino board to run the entire system, an UltraSonic sensor to detect hand motion, and a motor to pump out the hand sanitizer.

Wave your hand over the sensor, and the motor fires up and pumps out some sanitizer for you. It’s a genius little hack and a credit to the children’s ingenuity. We may not know much about who the children are, or the class they’re learning these cool robotic concepts from, but seeing their excitement for the results gives us a warm feeling.

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