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The Best Bluetooth Mouse For Every User

Bluetooth PC mice aren’t hard to find, but the sheer variety of options can be intimidating. Here are the best models on the market.

What you need in a mouse can vary based on what you’re trying to do with it. We’ve selected the best options for general users, for mobile workers, for gamers, for those who need some ergonomic comfort, and those looking for a deal. Logitech features heavily in the list below—they’re hard to beat in terms of value and quality in a market they’ve been in for decades.

Best Overall Bluetooth Mouse: Logitech Triathlon M720 ($38)

The Triathlon M720 isn’t Logitech’s top-of-the-line mouse, but it gets the nod above the bigger, more expensive MX Master series for general users. Why? Because the M720 is simpler and more focused on usability, while maintaining almost all of the advanced features of the fancier model. In addition to a comfy rubber-wrapped shape, the mouse uses Logitech’s hyper-fast scroll wheel, Flow compatibility for controlling multiple machines at once, and the software allows for custom key binds and gesture controls for the big thumb buttons.

The M720 also supports fast switching between up to three computers or mobile devices using either Bluetooth or the included wireless USB dongle, which can be activated without turning the mouse upside down, as is the case on the MX Master. A quoted two-year life on a single AA battery is a fair trade for the more expensive mouse’s secondary scroll wheel and more advanced laser, and with a street price of around $40, it’s a great value to boot.

Best Budget Bluetooth Mouse: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse ($24)

There aren’t a lot of Bluetooth mice from the major manufacturers for under $30, and quality control issues mean you probably shouldn’t be considering the ones that are. But the Microsoft Sculpt Mouse can be found for around $25. It’s a simple design, featuring only the main three buttons, a Windows Start button on the side, and a scroll wheel that can also handle horizontal scrolling.

Even at the low price it includes Microsoft’s BlueTrack laser sensor, allowing it to work on a variety of surfaces and double as a mobile mouse.  The comfortable shape also means it can work for extended use without fatigue. Some users don’t like the swipe forward/back functionality that’s baked into the Windows button, but it can be disabled via software driver.

Best Gaming Bluetooth Mouse: Corsair Dark Core RGB ($80)

Bluetooth is generally shunned for gaming unless there’s no other option, but if you need it for your specific setup, there’s no better pick than the Dark Core RGB from Corsair. This mouse features enough buttons to adequately serve both shooter and strategy games, on-the-fly adjustment for the 16,000-DPI sensor, and interchangeable magnetic attachments to adapt to your grip style.

The mouse includes a conventional RF dongle with super-low wireless latency in addition to standard Bluetooth, but you’ll lose the fast connection on the latter. You can also use it with a direct USB connection while charging, or for a more high-tech approach, spring for the upgraded “SE” model and pair it with the MM1000 mousepad for wireless charging.

For serious gamers, custom button programming can be paired with per-game profiles or saved directly to the mouse’s internal memory for quickly switching between multiple PCs. Oh, and because it’s a modern gaming mouse, it also includes multiple points of RGB lighting. If you need a less expensive option that still has Bluetooth and adequate PC gaming chops, check out the G603.

Best Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse: Logitech MX ERGO ($84)

Ergonomic vertical mice are hard to find with a Bluetooth connection, so if you need an ergonomic solution, we recommend Logitech’s MX ERGO trackball (which is also our best pick in its own category). It includes the same RF-and-Bluetooth combo as the M720 Triathlon above, complete with Flow support for simultaneously using multiple machines.

The package also comes with an included base for a 20-degree tilt, if that’s your jam. The scroll wheel includes a speed mode, and the extra programmable buttons can handle plenty of advanced features via the Logitech software driver. The MX ERGO’s big body is maximized for comfort rather than mobility, but its rechargeable battery and quick device swapping buttons mean you can make it work if you insist. To learn more, check out our full review here.

Best Mobile Bluetooth Mouse: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

The MX Anywhere 2S squeezes all of Logitech’s high-end features down into a tiny mouse about the size of a deck of cards, ideal for fitting into a laptop bag or even a pocket. Though it’s small, the rounded shape doesn’t sacrifice comfort or try to overdo it with touch-based buttons, like some competing models. It includes Bluetooth support and an RF USB dongle, as well as quick swapping capability between three different computers or mobile devices. Though there’s only one scroll wheel due to the small size, the design includes both fast scrolling and horizontal scrolling.

Installing Logitech’s software opens up custom key binding and the Flow program that allows users to control multiple Mac or PC machines at once. The MX Anywhere 2S has mobile-friendly rechargeable battery, but what makes it better than similar options is the proprietary “Darkfield” laser sensor that can track even on a glass surface—very handy when you can’t always pick the best spot to sit down and work. The mouse comes in multiple color variants, and can often be found for under $60 retail, which is a bargain considering all of the tech hiding inside the modest frame.

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