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Dear Lego, Please Make This “Sonic the Hedgehog” Set

A mockup of a Lego Sonic, robotnick, and Green Hills Zone

At the LEGO Ideas site, you can submit suggestions that the company might turn into real LEGO sets. We’ve seen excellent takes on a LEGO Tree House, Doctor Who set, a Ship in a Bottle, and The Flintstones. So when we saw this Sonic the Hedgehog set up for consideration, only one thought came to mind—-please, please, please, please, please, make it real.

Submitting a LEGO Ideas concept is pretty simple. First, have an idea (that’s the hardest part). Then mock it up, either using actual LEGO bricks or a LEGO Designer program. Then submit it. Getting LEGO to make it a real thing is much harder. First, you need 10,000 supporting votes for the company to consider your concept.

That’s a lot harder than it sounds, and most LEGO Ideas submissions don’t reach that level. Once you do, it enters consideration phases and everything out of your hands. The company may decide it doesn’t like the concept after all, or that it’s not economically feasible. And if it involves intellectual property, like The Flintstones or, in this case, Sonic the Hedgehog, then it gets even more complicated.

Several minifig mockups, including Sonic, Robotnik, and several game enemies.


But we love everything about this proposed concept. Just look at it—you, of course, get the Blue Wonder, but toastergrl (who submitted the idea) went above and beyond. The proposed set includes both a “Classic” Dr. Eggman and an Eggrobot Mech, with a flip-up visor that reveals a spot for the Dr. Eggman minifig to fit inside. You get a Green Hills Zone play area, and several enemies (and animals) to complete the set.

A Green Hills Zone inspired set, complete with Loop, tree, and Ring Box.

There’s no guarantee that LEGO will make this set, and if it does, details could change. But we sincerely hope the company does follow through. It would be the perfect complement to that LEGO Mario set we can’t buy soon enough.

via LEGO Ideas

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