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[Updated] Universal Will Let You Skip the Theater to See the Latest Movies

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With everything going on right now, heading to the theater is probably out of the question. So what can you do if you wanted to see the latest movies? Rent them at home as it turns out! Universal Pictures has you covered, and will let you digitally rent movies currently in the theater for $20, starting this Friday.

According to the folks at Deadline, Universal will bring current run movies, including The Invisible ManThe Hunt, and Emma, starting this Friday.

Updated 3/20: As promised, you can now rent The Invisible ManThe Hunt, and Emma from the Google Play Store, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and more. And Disney has announced similar intentions and will offer Onward for digital purchase starting tonight, with a Disney+ release scheduled for April 3rd.

The original report is left intact below.

And, when Trolls World Tour hits its release date in theaters on April 10th, it will also hit home rentals the same day. That’s a shocking move under normal circumstances, but right now is anything but an ordinary time.

That’s good news if you wanted to see the latest movie but didn’t want to head to the theater. Universal Pictures says you can rent a film for 48 hours for $19.99. At first blush, that might seem expensive compared to a movie ticket, but it’s not. Families will easily spend more than $20 on a set of tickets, and even a person going solo can spend that much on a ticket, large soda, and tub of popcorn.

While this, admittedly, maybe good for Universal Pictures given how tickets sales have already dropped, everyone wins here too. Hopefully, other film studios will take notes and follow suit.

via Deadline

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