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Logitech’s New Keyboard Case Adds a Trackpad and Kickstand to Your iPad

An iPad with the new Logitech Keyboard and Case attached.

Right on the heels of Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro, Logitech has another keyboard (with case and kickstand) for your consideration. But, this one works for the less expensive iPad (7th generation) and iPad Air (3rd generation). It doesn’t have all the features the Magic Keyboard brings to the table, but at $150, it costs half as much.

To get one pain point right out of the way, the new Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad doesn’t work with every iPad and iPad Air. You’ll need the very latest versions released in 2019. That’s because this keyboard doesn’t communicate over Bluetooth—it uses Apple’s Smart Connector.

But, the iPad and iPad Air only gained Smart Connector support in the latest models. Still, that should cut out any lag issues that Bluetooth introduces. And thanks to the Smart Connector, the keyboard doesn’t use batteries at all.

The Lotech case attached to an Ipad, without a keyboard.

Logitech is taking advantage of the fact that Apple plans to introduce trackpad support in an upcoming iPadOS update, and so this keyboard includes a built-in trackpad. It also connects to a case with a kickstand.

If you want, you can remove the keyboard and use only the case and kickstand, which would give your iPad a Microsoft Surface-like feel. The case also includes a loop to store your iPad Stylus.
Logitech says the keyboard will be available in May for $199, and you can see it at Apple’s site right now.

via Apple

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