PopSockets Sells Exclusive Grips to Fund Doctors Without Borders, Feeding America

The exclusive Doctors Without Boarders and Feeding America PopSockets

In a generous act of “Poptivism,” the PopSocket company is donating 100% of the proceeds generated by its new Dogtor and Open Your Heart phone grips. Sales of the Dogtor design will go to Doctors Without Borders, while sales of the Open Your Heart design will go to Feeding America.

These charities are essential to combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors Without Boarders works globally to protect people from illness, and is already fighting to keep people alive in Hong Kong and Italy. The charity is also trying to prepare areas with under-resourced health systems, like Laos and Papua New Guinea, for the incoming virus.

Feeding America, on the other hand, is a US charity that’s focused on providing food for vulnerable Americans. With school and job closures across the country, plus the risks of shopping while immunocompromised, charities like Feeding America may be the only immediate source of food for some people.

If you want to donate directly to Feeding America or Doctors Without Boardards, you can do so on their respective websites. You can buy the Dogtor and Open Your Heart phone grips on PopSockets’ website.

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