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Amazon’s Checkout-Free Store Is Coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon’s trial of a checkout-less store, Amazon Go, seems to be going well. The company now plans to roll out new locations to Chicago and San Francisco.

Amazon Go is a store that automatically scans every item you pick up and charges you for it as you walk out. It’s an impressive system that has a few bugs. Still, Amazon seems confident in its futuristic store concept. Or at least confident enough to start hiring for new locations in cities beyond Seattle.

According to the Seattle Times (and later confirmed by Amazon itself), Amazon is hiring employees for new store locations in Chicago and San Francisco. The company hasn’t said when these stores will open just yet, or indicated any plans for more locations beyond these two cities. Given how complex of an undertaking a store like this is, it wouldn’t be surprising if Amazon takes its time and doesn’t rush too many stores out until the kinks in the system can be ironed out.

Source: The Seattle Times via Digital Trends

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