Google Discounts Stadia Premier Kit to $99 Just in Time for Doom Eternal

A photo of the Stadia controller and the Chromecast Ultra.

To celebrate the launch of Doom Eternal, Google is running a one-day $99 sale on its Stadia Premier Edition kit. This kit, which includes a Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, and three months of Stadia Pro is usually sold for $129, and the only way to access Stadia’s cloud gaming service without a Buddy Pass.

This is the first Stadia Premier Edition sale since November of last year. If you’ve been eyeballing a Stadia subscription, or you don’t have a console that’s capable of playing Doom Eternal, then now may be the time to hop on the game streaming train.

Of course, it’s worth clarifying that the Stadia Premier Edition does not come with a free copy of Doom Eternal (although it does come with a free copy of Destiny 2). You still have to pay $60 for the Standard Edition of Doom Eternal, or $90 for the game’s Deluxe Edition (if that’s how you roll).

Personally, our experience with Stadia has been a little rocky. It still feels like an unfinished product, and even at $99, it’s hard to recommend to the average person. If you’re deeply interested in video game streaming, then go for it, but if you just have a passive interest, then we suggest keeping an eye out for when Stadia launches a free subscription tier later this year.

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