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You Can Order Ergatta’s Beautiful Gamefied Rowing Machine Today

The Ergatta rower, with a wood cherry finish.

Let’s get it out the way—most rowing machines are ugly. I say that as a proud Concept2 owner. They do the job, they give you a good workout, but they aren’t something that improves the look of your home. Ergatta’s rower turns that thought on its head thanks to its beautiful cherrywood finish and attractive gaming-like working screen. And, you can order the $2,000 rower today.

If the Ergatta were simply a rowing machine, $2,000 would be a lot ask, even with the beautiful wood look. But, the rower comes with an attached 17.3-inch screen that sets it apart. Through the display, you access the Ergatta’s training plans.

That might make you think of Peloton, but the comparison isn’t quite right. You won’t find trainers and exercise classes. Instead, your $29 a month subscription grants you access to a game-based workout program. Instead of seeing a single trainer, you’ll get a graph of where you’re at and where other rowers are in a race, for instance. You can also row alone and unlock new “levels” (referred to as Push Programs). Unlock each workout to face a “final challenge.”

Ergatta promises smooth rowing action thanks to its use of water tank instead of a fan, as found on the Concept2. When you finished, it folds up vertically to save on space.

The Ergatta rower folding up against a wall.

You order the Ergatta rower today, at the company’s site. The rowing machine goes for $2,000, and that includes a white-glove delivery and two months of subscription service. Ergatta tells us that for every rower sold, it will make $100 donation to the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 response fund.

The company will also host a series of community races. Each race that meets participation thresholds will also lead to a $100 donation to the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 response fund.

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