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Steal Alert: You Can Grab Monument Valley 2 for Free on Android and iOS

A distincly purple level from Monument Valley 2

This deal is so good we’re marking it a steal. Monument Valley stole our hearts in 2014 with its optical illusion laden puzzles, and naturally, the sequel is an easy recommendation too. And just when you might need a good distraction, UsTwo is here to help. The company made Monument Valley 2 free on both Android and iOS, for a limited time.

The goal of the Monument Valley games is simple at heart: you control a character by making them walk. Each level puts you at a starting point, and you need to get to the exit. Sound easy, right?

But, every level looks like something born out of an M.C. Escher rendering. Stairs impossibly join, walls black the way until you tilt the camera, and so on. You’ll need to change your perspective and move around objects to advance.

The best part is, it’s something easy enough to play young children can pick it up, yet challenging enough adults will enjoy it too. Scratch that, the best part is it’s free right now. Why are you still reading this? Download it now.

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