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8 Super Creative Photo Collage Apps

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If you want to show off the 600 photos you took on your most recent vacay without clogging up your friends’ social feeds, using a photo collage app can help you organize them and make them look pretty and polished.

What to Look for in Photo Collage Apps

For the most part, collage apps are straightforward in what they offer and what they can do. And, though each app offers a slightly different approach to collages, here are the most important factors to look for when choosing a photo collage app:

  • Editing Tools: Having the ability to edit your photos before posting them is a must. Good photo collage apps let you do this and give you tons of other editing options for text, borders, stickers, and anything else you may want to add to your collage.
  • Tons of Layout Options: You probably don’t want your collage to look boring or the same as everyone else’s. The best photo collage apps offer hundreds of layout options, giving you the most choices for optimally displaying all of your photos. Some apps even offer custom designs and the ability to tweak existing templates to your specifications.
  • Multiple Export Choices: If you just want to save your creations directly to your phone or desktop, that’s just fine. But if you want to post them immediately to Instagram or Twitter, make sure you go with an app that is capable of doing that.

Ideal for Instagram: Layout

Layout Photo Collage App

Layout (Free) is Instagram’s proprietary collage app, so if that’s the only social media site you plan on posting your creations, this app is probably your best bet. Besides, Layout has a variety of fun options for you to choose from. It lets you flip, mirror, and crop images, and resize images within the template that you choose. You can even connect with Instagram’s filters and creative tools from the editing menu.

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Extensive Editing and Layout Tools: PicCollage


If you have tons of photos but you’re not great at editing or stylizing them, definitely check out PicCollage (Free). It offers an impressive number of layouts, templates, stickers, backgrounds, and fonts, which makes it easy to get the exact look you want without much effort. You can cut out parts of your photos or draw on them simply by tracing your finger. Plus, sharing on social media is a cinch with PicCollage.

The app also has a built-in photo editor, so you can crop, resize, rotate, and otherwise edit your photos. You can even add borders, frames, stickers, text, filters, and other fun special effects. The free version does leave a watermark, but paying a couple bucks can remove that and get you access to extra stickers and backgrounds, while also supporting the app’s developers.

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Premium Picture Collages: PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost Photo Collage App

Sometimes, photos just aren’t enough, so add video collages to your social media pages with PicPlayPost (Free). The app allows you to mix photos, videos, GIFs, and live photos in a single collage, plus it can also let you create live wallpapers and slideshows. While the free option gets you basic collage creation tools, the premium version ($22.99 yearly subscription) is where things get fun. Upgrading gets you over 80 premium layouts, 1080p videos up to 5 minutes, watermark removal, additional fonts and styling options, GIF stickers, and no ads. This is a solid premium app if you’ve got the dough, but if you’re looking for something free, look elsewhere.

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Great for Small Businesses: PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid Photo Collage App

If you are starting a small business and need eye-catching thumbnails, banners, slideshows, logos, and (of course) photo collages for your social media presence, PhotoGrid (Free) is your tool. It offers diverse and interesting photo design options, with over 300 templates for up to 15 photos at a time. PhotoGrid features standard photo and video editing tools, plus it has over 500 stickers and 90 backgrounds for you to choose from to create a personalized look.

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Unique and Custom Layouts: Diptic

Diptic Photo Collage App

If seeing the same old posts and layouts absolutely bores you and you want to inject a little more art into your photo creations, look no further. Diptic ($0.99/Android, $2.99/iOS) is a beautiful photo collage app with absolutely stunning and unique (and customizable) layout designs, with 200 to choose from. You can round inner-frame borders, adjust their thickness and color, and apply filters and textures to photos and videos. Diptic supports animated and video collages (which you can add music to), and it has stellar social media export options to boot.

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Powerfully Easy Photo Editing: piZap Photo Editor

piZap Photo Editor

PiZap (Free) isn’t just a powerhouse for editing photos and making collages, it’s also super easy to use. With it, you’ll have access to tons of unique layouts and designs, including seasonal designs. For a personalized touch, you can add text and browse through stickers, filters, borders, and free stock images with the basic free version.

The premium upgrade ($5.99/monthly, or $35.99 yearly) removes ads and grants you access to over 360 fonts, 4,500 stickers, 1.6 million stock images, 300 borders, 1,450 layout options, and 78 filters. If you plan on regularly making collages and editing photos, piZap’s premium option is the way to go.

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Most Professional Option: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

We’d be remiss to not mention an Adobe product! Adobe Spark (Free) is part of the premiere digital creativity suite and with its exclusive professionally designed templates, filters, icons, shapes, and fonts, your social media posts will be beautiful and unique. And, where most other Adobe programs have steep learning curves, the Spark app is easy to use.

In its dedicated Collage tab, you can browse templates and make them your own by changing colors, border sizes, layouts, and adding animations. Upgrading to a paid plan ($9.99/month) removes the Adobe watermark and gives you premium template choices, custom fonts, and other tools for making content for professional brands. While it may not offer fun hundreds of cute stickers, Adobe Spark is by far the easiest way to create stunning, professional photo collages.

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Easy Does It: Google Photos

Google Photos App
Suzanne Humphries/Google Photos

Even if you already use Google Photos (Free), you may not be aware of the fact that it has a simple collage creation tool built into it. Simply open the app, go to the For You tab and select the Collage option at the top of the page. From there, you can grab the photos you want to include, crop them, slap on a filter, and even add text or finger-drawn doodles.

It doesn’t have much by way of layout options, but it supports up to nine photos, and it’s exceptionally easy to use. And, of course, Google makes fast work of syncing your creations to cloud storage or you can export them to whichever app you want. Voila!

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