Spotify Kids App Launches in the US, Canada, and France

An illustration of the Spotify Kids app.

After months of testing, Spotify is launching its Kids app in the US, Canada, and France. Spotify Kids features hand-picked, child-friendly songs and playlists, and is available to anyone with a Spotify Family Plan.

Spotify first launched its Kids app in Ireland last October. And since then, we’ve been waiting patiently for it to come across the pond. For reference, the regular Spotify app doesn’t really have any parental controls and has a habit of adding dirty ditties to AI-generated playlists. But Spotify Kids is hand-made from the ground up and eliminates any concerns about inappropriate songs.

And while the regular Spotify app has a sort of dry-and-dark design, Spotify Kids is filled with cute illustrations, bright colors, and little customizable avatars. You can program Spotify Kids to show content for older or younger kids, and you can remotely control (IE: turn off) whatever your kid is listening to from your phone.


The Spotify Kids app is technically still in beta. It features a wide catalog of 8,000 songs, 60-hours of audiobooks and children’s stories, and 125 curated playlists, but it still has a few bugs and localization issues that need to be worked out.

Again, anyone with a Spotify Family Plan can download Spotify Kids for iPhone or Android. It is a standalone app.

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