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Facebook’s New Tuned App Is a Couples-Only Messenger Alternative

images from the Tuned app, showing diary, connection, and exchange features.

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl. Girl and boy go on a few dates. A pandemic outbreak forces them to stay at home, thus cutting off a new relationship. Well, maybe that’s a fresh tale for the times, and for it, a new app from Facebook’s experimental group may help. Tuned works a bit like Messenger but specifically for couples.

Tuned is an app from Facebook’s experimental wing, NPE-Team. The app, for iPhone only, creates a “private,scrapbook-style feed between just the two of you.” The idea is to have a shared space to keep a relationship going, even if you can’t physically see each other right now.

You can share Spotify songs and playlists, set your mood and see your partner’s mood, and send photos, snapshots, cards, and more.

If all of that sounds a lot like Facebook Messenger, you’re not wrong. But Tuned has a couple of advantages over Messenger. First, it’s an app for just you and your significant other—no distractions from family and that one friend you haven’t physically seen in ten years who randomly messages you. Second, you don’t need a Facebook account to use Tuned. Just a phone number will do.

If you’re in a relationship, but the current state of the world means you can’t see that special person, then maybe give Tuned a shot. It might help keep the long-distance love thriving.

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