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LEGO’s Super Mario Set Sold out in Less Than a Day—Here’s Where You Can Still Get It

The LEGO Super Mario starter set with Mario and Bowser Jr. figures.

Sometimes you blink and miss. We recently told you about a LEGO’s new $59.99 Super Mario set, complete with LCD-powered Mario. The building block company started pre-orders immediately and sold out in less than a day. The good news? You can still pre-order at Target and Walmart. The bad news? You won’t get the add-on gift.

In case you missed it, the LEGO Super Mario kit is unlike any other LEGO set that came before it. Instead of a traditional minifig Mario, you get an oversized (dare I say…Super) Mario with LCD screens for eyes and in his chest.

LEGO also buried sensors in the Super Mario figurine, allowing it to detect when you’ve hit enemies, lava, and blocks to collect coins. Each set acts as a different part of a level, including a start pipe, goal post, and even an entire set for Bowser’s Castle.

The LEGO Bowser Castle set with giant Bowser, and Bowser Course flag

The company started taking pre-orders for the starter set and promised it would release all the sets on August 1st, 2020. If you pre-ordered through the company’s website, you’d even get a bonus Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion Set. But hours later, LEGO sold out.

If you visit LEGO’s Super Mario page now, you’ll find the following message:

Due to your overwhelming excitement for LEGO Super Mario, we are no longer taking pre-orders at this time. Please check back soon!

So that’s the bad news. The good news is you can still pre-order the set through Target and Walmart (we’ll update this article if that changes). Both sites are offering the same starter set, and you’ll pay the same $59.99 price. If you have a Target Red Card, you’ll even save $3 off the price.

But, unfortunately, neither site is offering the bonus Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion Set. The LEGO listing for the Super Mario starter set also doesn’t mention the add-on anymore either. So it’s possibly too late to get that benefit. But at least you don’t have to miss out entirely.

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