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There’s a Super Customizable PS4 Pro Controller, If You Don’t Mind Going Third-Party

Microsoft has had the insanely customizable Elite Controller for a long time. Now, PS4 owners can get in on the game, thanks to third-party Scuf’s new pro controller.

The new Scuf Vantage ($170-200) takes an approach similar to that of Microsoft’s $150 controller. It has four extra programmable paddles on the back and two extra side buttons that can be mapped to the same normal buttons on the front of your controller. This lets you customize your control scheme to whatever suits you best, rather than performing finger gymnastics to pull off certain moves.

Confusingly, if you’re a PlayStation die-hard, he Vantage swaps the left control stick and the D-pad’s location on the controller. This could take some getting used to if you prefer Sony’s control scheme. If you’re used to Xbox controllers, though, it should feel a little familiar.

Nearly every component on the Vantage can be tweaked, as well. You can swap out for longer or shorter thumbsticks, remove the rear paddles, or even take out the rumble units entirely if you’d rather focus on a steady aim instead of feeling the game.

The wired version of the Vantage costs $170, while the wireless model is $200. That puts it at a higher premium than the already-pricey Xbox Elite Controller. This isn’t the kind of controller you want to hand over to your kids. However, if you’re serious about your game and want to customize the experience, you finally have an option on the PS4.

Source: Gizmodo

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