Instagram Live Comes to Laptops, Desktops, Tablets Through the IG Web App

Instagram, @saatchi_gallery

Last week, Instagram added DMs to its website, enabling desktop, laptop, and tablet users to shoot the breeze without pulling out their phones. Now, web users can watch Instagram Live streams from their browser, and even leave comments on a stream.

The Instagram web app supports two-person streams, the “double-tap to like” feature, and live comments. Instagram Live streams look a bit small on a desktop and are locked in vertical orientation. Thankfully, the Instagram web app has a dedicated zone for live comments, which prevents streams from being covered by a wall of text and emoji.

Sadly, the Instagram web app doesn’t support Live broadcasting or video chats. If you want to broadcast a Live stream or join a video chat with friends, then you’ll have to open up the Instagram app on your phone. No plans to add Live broadcasting or video chats to its web app have been announced, either.

You can access the Instagram web app by visiting on your browser. If you’re on a tablet, you should add a shortcut to to your device’s home screen, where it will look and behave like a native app. (This applies to iPads and Android tablets).

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