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IKEA’s Smart Blinds are Online Now for $129 and Up

IKEa smart blinds

IKEA’s mix of practical designs and relatively low prices have made it a lot of fans, and said fans have adopted its introductory forays into smarthome tech with enthusiasm. The company’s latest tech product is a set of powered blinds, compatible with both IKEA’s own smarthome system and by extension, Google, Apple, and Amazon’s. It’s on sale starting today.

Previously restricted to sales in IKEA’s mega-sized retail stores, the smart blinds are now available to order online. The FYRTUR blinds are a set of rolling blackout cloth. The system is wireless by way of a built-in battery, and an infrared controller needs to be plugged in within 32 feet of the blinds themselves. There’s also a manual remote if you’d rather take matters into your own hands. Integrating it into your current system requires IKEA’s TRÅDFRI gateway gadget, which then talks to Google or Amazon via the Android or iOS app.

FYRTUR blinds range in price from $129 to $179, depending on how wide you need them. That’s pretty pricey as blinds go, but not unreasonable for powered blinds that are easy to integrate into your existing smarthome. All three sets are shipping on IKEA’s website today.

Source: IKEA via Engadget, Reddit

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