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Holy Crap! Homestar Runner’s New Albums Bring All the Jugga Jigga Wuggas!

All the Homestar Runner characters standing side by side, from Strong Sad to Poopsmith.
Homestar Runner

It may be hard to remember, but at one point, Yahoo was more prominent than Google, and Flash ruled the internet. During this wild upside-down time, Homestar Runner entertained the masses with its short cartoons, Halloween Specials, and (near) weekly Strong Bad email updates. If you’re a fellow fan, then brace yourself, the Brothers Chaps surprised dropped three albums of Homestar music, with 180 songs.

Now your first and second questions are probably, “Where and how much?” As to the “where,” the answer is “nearly everywhere.” You can grab the albums on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and more. The price for each album (with 60 songs) is $7.99, though if you have subscriptions to some of the services, you’ll get the songs for free (so long as you subscribe).

The Brothers Chaps announced the new albums on Twitter (under the Strong Bad name) and took a few minutes to answer a few questions. They explain that each collection contains 60 songs because that’s the limit of songs they could put in a single album. Otherwise, it could have been more. They aren’t ruling out a fourth album either. You won’t find songs in these albums that are already on the Strong Bad sings albums either, though it’s still available online.

One of the most famous Homestar Runner songs, Everybody to the Limit, also isn’t on here. Instead, you can download it for free directly from the Homestar Runner site, if you’re willing to enable Flash.

That Homestar Runner’s many shorts and series generated enough songs to fill so many albums, and still have enough leftover to create more, is a testament to the talent of the people behind the series. It’s hard not to pick one that isn’t an earworm either. Whether it’s the Techno Song from Strong Bad email #45, or the Teen Girl Squad theme song, nearly all the music from Homestar Runner is gold.

But as a professional writer, I’m going to recommend Its It’s and Your, You’re.

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