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“Doctor Who” Brings Back Former Companion Rory for Cheers and Tears

Rory Williams recording a video on a smartphone.
“Doctor Who”

Even when the BBC’s Doctor Who is in-between seasons, it often gives us new content and moments to love. If you were a fan of Matt Smith’s era as the 11th Doctor, then you’ll want to drop everything you’re doing to watch a new short starring Rory Williams, as he dictates an autobiography to his son.

Nearly every Doctor Who fan has a favorite Doctor, and it’s often their “First Doctor.” And while I love all the Doctors (even the current 13th Doctor, despite her mostly lackluster stories), 11 holds a special place in my heart. I didn’t want to like him, because I loved the 10th Doctor, but he won me over and taught me never to write a Doctor off again.

But while I can praise Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor for his incredible acting and excellent fashion choices (bow ties ARE cool), he was immensely helped by two fantastic companions—Amy and Rory.

Rory’s story as a companion might be hard to keep straight—-after all, there’s that one time when he died, and the other time when he died, and that other other time when he died. Look, Doctor Who storylines can be a little wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. 

But it was a good journey, filled with growth, courage, and laughs. When we last left off with Rory and Amy, a Weeping Angel stranded them in the 1930s, where they will grow old together.

Now, in a new short for Doctor Who, we get a small update from Rory. It’s 1946, World War 2 has just ended not long ago, and he’s recording a video on the world’s only smartphone for his newly born son.

I don’t want to spoil the whole thing, as it’s only a few minutes long. But suffice to say, if you loved Rory and Amy you should watch the short. It gets a little emotional, and the music is spot on for all the feels.

When you finish, you can watch a couple of encouraging messages from the Doctor as well. First, she takes a moment out of her day (running from some monster naturally) to give a few words of inspiration as we go into lockdown.

And then she has friendly advice to offer us in helping slow the spread of COVID-19.

It’s moments like these that remind us what makes Doctor Who so great—the Doctor is hope. And the companions ground the Time Lord in humanity.

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