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AT&T Offers Three Months of Free Mobile Phone Service to Every Doctor and Nurse in the U.S.

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Recently, John Krasinski (from The Office and Jack Ryan) started up a new YouTube channel called Some Good News. It covers good news happening right now, from impromptu Hamilton performances to people handing out free toilet paper to delivery drivers. In the latest episode, John announced that AT&T is offering three months of free cellphone service to every nurse and doctor in the United States.

However, the offer isn’t for the standard version of AT&T. Instead, it’s a separate AT&T-owned network called FirstNet. FirstNet is an exclusive network for First Responders, and it has a few advantages over other networks. First, it doesn’t throttle speeds. And second, you get priority connectivity access when the system is at capacity in your area.

AT&T is offering three months of free coverage to any nurse or doctor already with FirstNetwork, or who joins the service. You’ll have to stay on FirstNetwork for at least 30 days and stay the full three months to get all the bill credits.

Since it comes in the form of bill credits, and the discount doesn’t arrive right away, you’ll still have to pay something on your first bill. But, FirstNetwork offers a reasonable plan of unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 a month. You can spend less and get less too, of course. You’ll also have to prove your a nurse or doctor to get the credits.

We couldn’t find any family plans, which isn’t surprising, so you may want to balance the benefits (like priority access) against the extra costs if you give up family plan pricing for your line.

Still, three months of free service is a great benefit for people serving on the front line of the pandemic. It doesn’t cover all the people risking life and body (like paramedics), but it’s still a pretty grand gesture from AT&T.

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