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The Best Ways to Save Money on Spotify Premium

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With unlimited skips, offline listening, and no advertisements, Spotify Premium is infinitely better than the streaming service’s ad-supported free plan. But at $10 a month, the price of Spotify Premium (combined with all of your other streaming services) can slowly eat away at your checking account.

But that’s no reason to quit using Spotify. In fact, your monthly Spotify fee is pretty easy to adjust. Here’s how to save money on your Spotify Premium plan.

Get on a Family Plan ($15 a Month Between Six People)

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The Spotify Premium Family Plan is a money-saving machine. It covers up to six users and costs just $15 a month. Each person on a family plan has their own Premium account, with their own username, password, and settings. And you don’t have to lose your current Spotify account, playlists, or history to join a family plan. Everything carries over, and everyone pays less.

Spotify doesn’t verify that the people on your family plan are actual family members—or even that they live in the same area as you. Just be sure that people pay their fair share. If not, you can kick them off the family plan through Spotify’s website.

Use Spotify Student ($5 a Month, Includes Hulu and SHOWTIME)

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Any college student with a valid student email address can sign up for Spotify’s $5 a month Premium Student Plan. This plan gives you all the features of Spotify Premium, along with an ad-supported Hulu account and access to SHOWTIME. You can keep your existing Hulu and SHOWTIME accounts when you switch over to the Premium Student Plan.

The Spotify Premium Student Plan covers the summer interim between classes, so long as you’re registered as a student. As you might expect, this plan ends once you graduate or quit school.

Through an AT&T Unlimited and More Plan (Free)

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AT&T Unlimited and More subscribers are entitled to a free Spotify Premium subscription. Activating this Spotify subscription is a little bit awkward, but it’s all explained on AT&T’s website. Just visit the myAT&T page, sign in, and go to your WatchTV Account Management page. Then, scroll down and click the Spotify Premium banner.

Through Your Chase Credit Card (5% Off for 6 Months)

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Anyone with a Chase bank credit card can apply a 5% monthly statement credit for Spotify payments. This offer only lasts for six months and must be activated through Chase’s discount landing page.

Some Chase cards may not work with this discount, and enrollments for the Chase bank Spotify discount will end on May 31st, 2020.

Work at Starbucks (Free)

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Starbucks provides a free Spotify Premium subscription for all of its employees. You can activate your Spotify Premium subscription through the Starbucks Partner Hub or the Retail Portal at your store. You could also call Starbucks support at 1-800-STARBUC to guide you through the Spotify registration process.

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