Spotify Lets Premium Users Hide Unwanted Songs From Playlists

A photo of a phone with the Spotify app.
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Spotify’s exclusive playlists are filled to the brim with fantastic music, but there are always a few duds to skip through. Thanks to a new update, Premium users on Android and iOS can hide unwanted songs from playlists and save themselves from ever hitting the skip button.

This feature applies to all Spotify playlists, including playlists that you did not create. If you want to hide a song from a playlist, open the song’s context menu (the three dots on the side) and select the “hide song” option. If you change your mind, you can unhide a song from the same context menu.

If you can’t hide songs on your Spotify app, then keep an eye on your device’s respective app store for an update. And just to reiterate, the hide feature is for Premium users only.

via The Verge

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