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Netflix Made 10 Educatonal Documentaries Free to Watch on YouTube

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For years, Netflix has allowed educators to show select documentaries and docuseries in classrooms. The only requirement was a Netflix account. But now, with schools closed, teachers can’t easily share those shows with students anymore. So Netflix stepped up and loaded ten documentaries to YouTube for students, and everyone else, to watch.

In a post on its site, Netflix explained it’s making the documentaries free for everyone in response to requests from teachers. Usually, if a teacher wants to show an approved documentary from Netflix, the process is easy.

First, the teacher would check the media listings at the Netflix site, find the documentary they’d like to show, and check that if it lists an education screening grant. If it does, then the teacher can log in with a Netflix account and play it for the class.

The restrictions were fair and reasonable like the educator couldn’t charge students money to see the series. But without kids in the classroom, none of that works. Sure, any student with access to a Netflix account can see the documentary, but kids without an account can’t.

To address that issue, Netflix added 10 of its documentaries and docuseries to its YouTube channel—yes, Netflix has a YouTube channel.

Since YouTube is open access, that means everyone can watch—not just students and teachers. Go to the channel now, and you can watch series ranging from Chasing Coral to Zion.

And if you are a teacher, Netflix added educational resources to its site to supplement the lessons.

Source: Netflix via CNET

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