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Twitter is Testing an Easy Way to See ‘Retweets with Comments’

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Right now, when you decide to retweet something that makes you laugh or cry, you have two choices: just retweet it, or retweet with a comment. But, when your vain little self wants to see how many people retweeted you later, you won’t see anything for people who retweeted with a comment. Now, Twitter is testing a way to view that information, along with the comments.

When you open a particular tweet, you can see how many times someone retweeted it. Click or tap on that, and you’ll see who retweeted it. But, it doesn’t tell the whole story. You’ll only see who retweeted without commenting.

If someone chose to retweet with a comment, they won’t show up in the list at all. Take this tweet:

While, as of this writing, it lists one retweet, that’s not accurate. Other people have retweeted with a comment (as I asked in the tweet).  Now, Twitter is testing an update with some Android and iOS users to give you the missing information. As first spotted by Twitter user @diviacaroline, the iOS version of the Twitter app will show two listings: retweets with comments and retweets without comments. You can flip between the tabs to see more information.

Another twitter user, @mehedih_, posted screenshots from Android that illustrates a slightly different take.

In that case, rather than use tabs, Twitter chose to provide a specific button for checking on retweets with comments. If you live and die by retweets and knowing what people have to say about what you have to say, the update is probably something to look forward too.
At the very least, it might help you avoid an awkward Twitter conversation when you didn’t notice someone’s support of your latest witty remark

via XDA-Developers

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