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Quick Tip: Windows Can Play App Audio on Different Speakers and Headphones at Once

Windows sound settings.

Imagine that you want to listen to a YouTube video, but your significant other/child/dog wants to hear Spotify, and all you’ve got at the moment is a Windows laptop between you. You can actually send the audio from Chrome to your headphones and the Spotify music to the speakers at the same time. It’s really cool!

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You can set this up to make any application you want “default” to any audio source. It’s particularly handy for gamers or for anyone who has a headset for just one specific tool. You can set, say, Overwatch, to output audio to your headset every time, even if everything else is defaulting to the speakers on your desk.

Doing this is pretty easy: in Windows 10, go to Settings > System > Sound, and under “Advanced Sound Options”, click the link for “App Volume and Device Preferences.” There you can point any running program to any audio device, for both playback and recording. If you need more help, be sure to check out the full guide on our sister site, How-To Geek.

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