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6 Great YouTube Channels to Learn Photo Editing From

Photo Editing YouTube Channels

The world of photo editing is complex and full of options. Photo editing programs have gotten so advanced that you have nearly endless tools for editing your photos. With so many choices to make and tricks to learn, it can be overwhelming if you’re going in blind. Fortunately, there are plenty of YouTube channels that try to guide you through this world.

There are plenty of channels covering every aspect of photo editing, from general tips to pulling off specific effects. These channels are great resources for novice and experienced editors alike. We searched for channels that either give general photo editing tips or provide insight on using specific programs.

We should cover the software side of things first, though. There are a ton of photo editing programs available today, and it can be hard to find people creating guides for the lesser-known programs. We tried to find YouTube channels focused on what we consider to be the best and most popular photo editors, but naturally, the less popular an editor is, the less chance of it having tutorials made for it.

General Tips: Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon mostly focuses on general photography videos on his channel, but he does have plenty of videos focused on the post-production process as well. Instead of doing specific tutorials, he focuses more on broad-stroke videos to help you learn some of the basics and terminology of the photo editing world.

He has videos outlining his general process for editing photos and even an entire series based around editing viewer-submitted photos. Both of these can help you to find your footing in photo editing before diving deeper into more complicated effects and techniques.

His software of choice is Adobe Photoshop, but most of what he teaches in his videos can transfer over to other editors.

Best for Photoshop Users: Photoshop Training Channel

Photoshop is arguably the most powerful photo editor around, so it makes sense that there are a lot of channels dedicated to teaching you how to use the program. We chose Photoshop Training Channel specifically for its wide range of tutorials available.

If you’re trying to step up your editing in Photoshop, this is definitely the channel to check out. You’ll find in-depth guides on everything from unique text effects, proper compositing, and color grading, along with some general tips on using Photoshop as well.

Best for Affinity Photo Users: Affinity Revolution

Affinity Photo is a somewhat newer name in the photo editing world, as it just launched in 2015. That hasn’t stopped the hosts of Affinity Revolution from producing plenty of tutorials to teach you the software, though.

Affinity Revolution has videos covering unique effects you can pull off—like this cool “pop art” effect)—general tips and tricks for the program, and even has a video directly comparing Photoshop and Affinity Photo (it’s a couple of years old though). For anyone looking to use Affinity Photo, Affinity Revolution will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Best for GIMP Users: Daves Media Design

GIMP is a powerful free photo editor, but its design can make it difficult to pull off advanced tricks (especially for newcomers). But with nearly 150 tutorials covering various effects in GIMP, Daves Media Design will help you navigate your way around the program.

Daves Media Design also has numerous tutorials for adding third-party content to GIMP (such as plugins and UI changes) and a few videos comparing GIMP and Photoshop.

Best for Luminar 4 Users: Skylum Software

There’s no one better to teach you how to use a new piece of software than the creators of that software. Skylum Software has been producing comprehensive tutorials for its photo editor Luminar 4 on its official YouTube channel for a while now.

The main focus of Skylum’s Luminar 4 is streamlining the photo editing process by using AI—so a lot of the tutorials focus on that—but there are also some videos aimed at newcomers as well.

Best for Photopea Users: CAMBIT Creates

As we said earlier, when it comes to less popular programs, finding good channels to get help from becomes a lot harder. So, it’s always good to see a YouTuber focus on helping users of these smaller programs, which is exactly what CAMBIT Creates does with Photopea.

Photopea is a powerful online editor, and whether you’re trying to pull off a cool text effect or just need help with exporting your projects, CAMBIT Creates is the best channel to check out. This channel is smaller than the others mentioned on this list, as such the videos don’t match the production quality of the bigger channels here, but it’s still a great resource for any Photopea users.

Learning a new skill can be intimidating, so it’s great to see people go out of their way to create content to help others learn. Obviously, there are plenty of other YouTube channels that can teach you about photo editing, but we think these six should give you a solid foundation to expand from.

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