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Soon You’ll Be Able to Tweak “Hey Google” Sensitivity on Your Assistant Gadgets

Google Nest Hub

If you’ve ever had a nasty surprise when your phone or smart speaker chimes up with a “hey Google” reply after you said “my friend Kay is frugal,” you know how distracting and annoying it is. Google knows it too, and they’re doing something about it, according to this official blog post.

An update to the Google Assistant system and Home app will allow users to tweak how sensitive the listening function of the Google Assistant is. That will make the detection phrase activate more or less frequently. So if you’re tired of the speaker activating when you (or your TV) says random stuff, you can crank down the sensitivity. Alternately, if you’re working in a loud environment like a kitchen or a garage, you can crank it up so Google can hear you over ambient sounds.

Google says that it’s rolling out this option in “the coming weeks,” and that it’ll be available via the Home app.

Individual devices can have their sensitivity tweaked—so you can make your Nest Hub less likely to activate while making your phone more likely to hear you. Google also says that its voice detection is improving via longer Voice Match yest phrases.

Source: Google Keyword blog

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