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Amazon’s Map Tracker Lets You Obsess About Your Package Even More

Amazon has been testing a feature that allows you to track your package on a map, and now the company is rolling it out widely to more users.

It’s annoying when you know that a package is on its way but you have no idea whether it’s coming soon, or by the end of the day. Amazon isn’t exactly solving that problem for you, but they are helping you get a little more info to obsess over. Now, if your package is being delivered by Amazon’s logistics network (as opposed to, say, FedEx or UPS), you can see where your delivery driver is on a map.

While this is comforting in theory, in practice it only helps you so much. From experience, a delivery truck can be near your location and yet still take a very long time to get to you. Personally, I’ve already had a couple packages delivered with this feature and inevitably the apartment complex across the street gets its many, many deliveries first. While the truck may be 1000 feet away, it can still take a few hours to get to me.

Still, more information is (usually) better than less. If there’s a mix up with your package, it may be easier to find out before it accidentally gets delivered to the wrong place. If your package needs a signature, you can verify that you have time to step out before they get to you. Or maybe it will simply be easier to accept that your package is going to take until the very last minute to get to you when you can see how far away the driver’s route starts.

Source: Android Police


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