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Your High-End Canon Camera is Now a High-End Webcam

A man standing in front of a Canon camera using it for video conferencing.

With everyone trying to convert to video conferencing at the same time, Webcams are in short supply. So why not use a camera you have laying around already? Following in the footsteps of Wyze, Canon released beta software to turn your DSLR, mirrorless, or PowerShot camera into a webcam for Windows.

Sorry folks, this is a PC only solution for now. If you’re on Mac, or your nice camera isn’t from Canon, you’ll need to rely on an HDMI capture card instead. But for Canon and Windows users, the new software is a great option for your webcam needs.

Rather than rely on an HDMI Card and clean HDMI video output settings, you will connect your camera to your PC with a USB cable. Download the software and install it, then configure your camera with your video conferencing service (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) and you’re good to go.

The camera company does note that there are instances where an HDMI capture card might be the better choice, like when you want a higher resolution video, or you plan to integrate with third-party software like Open Broadcaster Software (often used for game streaming).

Canon’s site has a full list of supported cameras, along with links to the EOS Webcam Utility Beta software. You won’t find a single download location for the beta. Instead, you’ll choose your camera, navigate to drivers, and download the software from there.

Source: Canon via DPReview

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