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Superpaper Lets You Adjust Multi-Monitor Wallpaper to Perfection

The first thing you do when you get a second monitor is bounce windows around between them really fast. The second thing you do is look for some cool wallpaper to put on all of them. And the third thing you do is realize that the wallpaper looks a little weird, since it doesn’t account for monitor bezels.

Superpaper is a free, open source solution to this minor aesthetic inconvenience. Available for Windows and Linux, it’s an alternative to your PC’s built-in wallpaper manager specifically designed for multiple monitors. In addition to the usual resolution, it takes account of a screen’s actual, physical size, position and orientation, and yes, the width of the bezels, to make a consistent image span across all of them. You can even apply a perspective tilt to your monitors if you want.

In the improved 2.0 release, there are tons of little tools built into this thing to help you get your monitors and wallpaper just right. I particularly like the integrated “align” test, which can help you quickly and correctly position your monitors vertically. Give the app a try by downloading it from GitHub, but keep in mind that it currently trips Windows Defender SmartScreen, since it doesn’t have a verified publisher.

Source: GitHub via OMGBuntu 

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