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“TV Chart” Tells You When to Bail on a TV Series Binge

episode chart for Law and Order SVU

My personal rule for television series is, nothing stays good after season seven (except Bob’s Burgers). But it’s hard to know exactly when to bail on a show after you’ve sunk in dozens of hours watching—is this just one bad episode? A few in a rut thanks to an annoying character? Will they turn it around next season?

A new web app can help you decide when to pull the trigger. TV Chart, a simple tool from developer Benjamin Mizrahi, posts every single episode of a selected show with a line graph of their audience ratings from the Internet Movie Database. It makes it pretty clear when a show starts to take a nose dive, at least according to the people watching it.

Episode chart for Justified

For example, if you’re looking at the extensive history of The Simpsons, this chart says it would be a good idea to bail before season 9, episode 10. That’s 20+ years of mediocre cartoons you can easily disregard.

Episode guide for The Simpsons

The tool includes pretty much every broadcast show and most of the ones from bigger streaming services, and you can break it down by the full series or individual seasons. That makes it easy to spot individual episodes you can skip, without needing to read through a guide. Oh, and if you’re looking for more personal recommendations, check out the picks from the Review Geek team.

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