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Wyze Gives a Sneak Peek of Upcoming Products, Teases “30 More in the Works”

A man holding the Wyze Outdoor Cam

Wyze, the company known for its inexpensive yet excellent cameras, smart sensors, bulbs, and plugs, released a YouTube video you should not skip today. The company gives a short history of how it came to be and what Wyze has accomplished in a short time. But stick around, and you’ll see sneak peeks up three upcoming products and the promise of more to come.

When we said, Wyze is poised to rule the smart home world that came with the note that the company needed a few more products to take the throne. Specifically, we mentioned a video doorbell, a smart lock, a smart light switch, and an outdoor camera. Well, you can’t say the company isn’t listening.

Wyze already released a smart lock, and while we weren’t impressed with the lock by itself, the company released a keypad that will fix all the problems we had with it. And the company already announced it’s working on an outdoor camera, video doorbell, and as a bonus smart thermostat.

And that’s just what you can see in the company’s “investor pitch” video it released on YouTube today. Stay until around the 3:25 mark, and you’ll get a brief glimpse of the outdoor camera, the video doorbell, and the thermostat in that order.

We already knew the outdoor camera is battery powered and designed to withstand weather, and the brief glimpse confirms as much. It appears to be the classic Wyze camera lens housed in a large body with a stand similar to the original Wyze Cam.

The doorbell is a boxy affair but in line with Wyze’s other products. And the thermostat is the gadget that leaves us with the most questions. It was only in the video for a brief moment, and the interface wasn’t visible.

But if all that isn’t exciting enough, then the throwaway line that went with them should amp things up: “our price on these products is going to be insane—nobody will be close.”

But Wyze wasn’t done talking, because it went on to say it plans to add an emergency services option down the road, along with in-house person detection. Then Wyze said the most surprising thing in the entire video—Wyse is working on over 30 hardware products.

Wyze is clearly on an ambitious route with big plans for the future. But based on its track record so far, it’s the smart home company to watch.

Source: Wyze

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