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The Notion Productivity App’s Free Plan Just Got Better

A notion homepage with lists for move watching, recipes, and more.

Notion, a popular productivity app for taking notes, saving recipes, and organizing work stuff, has long offered a free plan you can join. But that free plan had limits, like how many blocks you can create and how much storage you can use. Now, Notion is removing those limits, though it will still offer paid plans.

Notion is somewhat like a cross between Evernote and Slack. Like Evernote, you can create notes, lists, and organize your life as needed. On each page, you create “blocks” of text and data and move around and reorganize through drag and drop operations.

But like Slack, it offers collaborative workspaces. Much like joining a new workspace in Slack gives you access to a new group of users, channels, and the like, adding a new workspace in Notion will let you add specific users to a group of notes to share and edit.

However, on the previous free plan, you were limited to 1,000 blocks per page, and you had a storage limit for your content. You had to pay $5 a month to lift those limits. Now, that $5 plan is effectively free, as Notion is getting rid of those specific limits.

Notion isn’t abandoning paid accounts altogether, though. With the new free plan, you can only upload 5 MB files and share with five guests. The new Personal Pro plan runs $4 a month and lifts those limits while adding version history and API access.

Source: Notion via Engadget

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