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Grab Some Free ‘Doctor Who’ Stuff While You Stay at Home

The Tenth Doctor holding a Sonic Screwdriver
Titan Comics

Around the world, mandatory stay-at-home orders are lifting, but it’s still a good idea to stay home if you can. Good entertainment helps with that goal, and if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you can jump on some freebies to keep you in the Tardis—err, in your home.

Over at a newly formed “Staying the Tardis” site, Doctor Who has multiple freebies up for grabs. You’ll find audio dramas, a comic issue, puzzles and activities, and more.

For instance, you can pick up the first installment of Titan Comic’s Tenth Doctor Adventures run. Or you can Dark Eyes: The Great War, an audio drama from Big Finish Productions. You’ll need free accounts to redeem those two, but the puzzles and activities are account free.

If you love Where’s Waldo, you’ll probably enjoy Where’s the Doctor, which is essentially the same thing but Doctor Who themed. And there are other activities like word searches, connect the dots, and coloring pages too.

All in all, there should be enough content here to a week or two’s worth of time loops. And if it’s not, we suggest using a handy Sonic Screwdriver to manipulate the wibbly lever to break the paradox manipulator.

Source: BBC

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