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BuzzFeed’s Multiplayer Quiz Party Helps You Uncover Your Personality With Friends

an image of the BuzzFeed Quiz Party page.

When someone sends me a personality quiz, I retake it until I get the results that I want. That way, I’ll have a screenshot to prove that I’m “wise, wealthy, and handsome like Jafar,” or whatever. But the jig is up. Friends can now see my quiz results in real-time using BuzzFeed’s multiplayer Quiz Party game.

Quiz Party is still pretty rudimentary, but it gets the job done. You start a quiz, share the link with your friends, type in your name, and complete the quiz at your own pace. Once everyone’s finished, BuzzFeed will show each person’s quiz results in a handy, easy-to-screenshot window.

BuzzFeed Quiz Party doesn’t have any built-in chatting features, so you’ll have to ridicule your friends over Messenger or some other chatting platform. Also, there’s no way of creating a “room” for Quiz Parties. If you and your friends want to move from one quiz to another, then you have to start a brand new Quiz Party and share a brand new link.

In an interview with TechCrunch, BuzzFeed CTO Peter Wang clarifies that Quiz Party will expand and update over time. Updates could include more quizzes, a built-in chat, and music support. Personally, I hope that BuzzFeed develops a dedicated app for Quiz Parties, but maybe I’m alone on that one.

Source: BuzzFeed via The Verge

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