Google Adds Voice-Authorization to Purchases in Assistant

An illustration of the Google Voice Match setting screen.
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Shopping through Google Assistant is a lot easier than you’d expect. You just tell Google what you want, look through some products, and pick out something to buy. And now, Google wants you to confirm purchases with Voice Match for total hands-off shopping.

Most people authorize their Google Assistant purchases with a passcode or fingerprint scan. Those verification methods are fine when you’re shopping on a phone, but they make shopping through a smart speaker or display a lot more difficult. Voice Match, while not as secure as a passcode, will make shopping with your voice faster and easier.

But don’t get too excited. Voice Match purchase authorization is still in its early stages, and Google will only let you use it for Google Play purchases and restaurant orders. In time, Google will expand Voice Match for other stores, like Google Shopping.

Andrew Heinzman/Google

Enabling Voice Match for purchases should take you just one or two minutes. First, open up the Google app, press the More button, and head over to Settings. From there, you should see an option for Google Assistant. Touch it, scroll down, and open the Payments menu.

If you haven’t shopped through Google Assistant yet, you’ll be hit by a barrage of disclaimers asking for your credit card number and shipping address. Fill that out to get to the Payments and Security menu, where you can enable Voice Match authorization.

Some phones aren’t working with Voice Match, according to Android Police. If your phone refuses to enable the feature, then wait awhile and try again. Or you could wait until the feature is more robust. Google is pretty good about reminding its users of new features through the Assistant software, and we’ll publish any updates related to Voice Match.

Source: Google via Android Police

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