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XRSpace’s New VR Headset Includes a Playstation Home-Like Experience

A man wearing a black and white VR headset

HTC’s former CEO, Peter Chou, has a new company called XRSPACE and its first entry is an intriguing looking VR System. First, you have a standalone Mova VR headset that’s somewhat reminiscent of the Oculus Quest with Hot Rod stylings. And along with it is a new “virtual world” dubbed Manova, filled with homes, games, fitness centers, and more.

XRSPACE describes Manova as a virtual world that you walk around in with lifelike avatars. If we’re honest, the graphics in the early previews are more reminiscent of PS3 level avatars, and maybe first PS4 level work. The similarities don’t end there.

You may remember PlayStation Home, Sony’s social gaming platform from yesteryear, or Second Life which is surprisingly still around. Manova sports many similar features, such as your home space, community areas, and social gatherings. Inside the virtual world you can find spaces that can be customized to fit certain needs.

At launch, XRSPACE will feature the MagicLOHAS space. There, you can take fitness classes in Manova, watch movies together, play games, and more.

Digital avatars standing in a a busy digial central station.

But to access Manova, you’ll need XRSPACE’s $599 VR headset. It’s a standalone VR system, meaning no connected PC required. You’ll find two cameras on the outside that enable hand tracking.

While the package does include a single controller, that’s not the main method of navigation. Instead, Mova says hand gestures will be the main point of interaction. XRSPACE says the Mova is 20% lighter than competitor VR headsets, and sports 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and 6GBs of RAM. XRSPACE didn’t offer any details on the headset’s display, which could make or break the system.

It comes in white or orange and surprisingly hugs to your face with a single strap that goes around the head. Most VR systems also have an over the head strap to help distribute weight. You can pre-order the Mova headset now, and that includes 3 months of premium content access. XRSPACE says the headset will ship in the 3rd quarter of 2020.


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