Classic ‘Fraggle Rock’ Comes to Apple TV+, Along With a Full-Season Reboot

A photo of the Fraggle Rock cast.
The Jim Henson Company

After 33 years, Fraggle Rock is getting a full reboot on Apple TV+. The new season features all of the show’s classic characters and is produced by the Jim Henson Company. Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the new season of Fraggle Rock, but the original 96 episodes are available on TV+ starting today.

Apple’s interest in Fraggle Rock began last month, when the company released a series of 5-minute shorts titled Fraggle Rock: Rock On. But the classic show, which is known for diving deep into the complex issues of social conflict, environmental responsibility, etc, requires longer episodes to tell its stories. And that’s what’s happening now.

Fans of Apple TV+ may notice that classic Fraggle Rock is the first “old” show to end up on the streaming service. According to Vulture, Apple isn’t interested in hosting old titles and only bought classic Fraggle Rock because “it made sense” to have the old and new episodes on the same platform. Yeah, I’d say that makes sense.

Again, the classic Fraggle Rock is available on Apple TV+ starting today. But Apple hasn’t announced a release date for its reboot. If you want to rewatch the series or introduce it to your kids, now’s the time to sign up for Apple TV+ and binge 96 episodes of Henson goodness. Now we just have to convince Apple to reboot Dinosaurs.

Source: Apple via Vulture

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