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You Can Buy the Echo Look Without an Invite Now For $200

Amazon has plenty of Echo models, but its fashion-conscious camera-enabled Echo has been invite-only for a while. Now, it’s finally available for everyone, at its standard $200 price.

The Echo Look is an Alexa-enabled device that’s designed to help you get dressed in the morning. Sort of. You can use the camera to take a full body picture of all your outfits, then organize all your looks on your phone so you can pick the one that’s right for whatever you’re doing that day. It also offers the option to upload your styles to get a second opinion from a combination of machine learning and human fashion experts.

On top of the unique fashion features, the Look works just like a regular Echo. You can speak to it from anywhere in the room to ask questions, set alarms, or control your smart home. The nature of the Look raises the obvious question of whether you want to have a camera in your bedroom, though between laptops, desktop webcams, and the phone you have on you all the time, it might not be the first time you’ve tackled that question.

If you want to get the new Echo Look, you can grab it from Amazon for $200. No invite necessary.

Source: Amazon via The Verge

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