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These Plant Subscription Boxes Bring Nature into Your Home

Plant and Seed monthly subscription boxes

Whether you want to create your own indoor jungle or you want to get some plants to help clean your air, getting a monthly plant subscription is a great way to get all the plants you’ve ever dreamed of having.

Plant subscription boxes typically come in one of two varieties: live plants or seed packets. Live plants are shipped rushed and are carefully wrapped to prevent damage to the plant. Some live plant subscription boxes store the plant in a biodegradable container meant for repotting, while others include a stylish pot and are ready to enjoy right out of the box. A few of these services offer low-light plants, hard-to-kill plants, and pet-friendly plants. Seed subscriptions send a variety of seeds, instructions for planting, and sometimes even a few tools.

Update, 2/17/22: Verified picks still good; updated pricing for each.

Live Plants

If you don’t have a green thumb, these plants are a great alternative to growing a plant yourself, as they were grown in a nursery by experts. All you have to do is place them somewhere with the right type of light and water them regularly.


Horti live plant subscription box small plants

Horti (starts at $28/month) is a great indoor plant subscription service that’s ideal for beginners and green thumbs alike. The Brooklyn-based company offers slightly cheaper rates, understandably, to those in New York City, but they can ship across the United States as well. You can choose one of three different plant options from Horti—New to Planting, Pet-Friendly, or Horti’s Pick—as well as which design of 6-inch terracotta or clay pot you want—plain, painted white, or a different color each month (from white, grey, yellow, and light pink).

You can also just opt for the “naked plants” option, which come in the nursery-standard plastic grow pot you can transplant into a pot of your choosing. Horti helps out beginner plant owners by sending hard-to-kill plants at first, then slowly introducing more exotic plants into the mix, along with care instructions.

Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly succulent monthly plant subscription box potting mix plant toppers
Succulents Monthly

Few things are more stylish than a succulent plant, except perhaps a succulent in a cute pot, which is exactly what Succulents Monthly (starts at $29/month) offers! Each succulent ships with the perfect potting mix in a high-quality stylish pot, sometimes even with cute rocks to put atop the dirt. You’ll also receive hand-illustrated paperwork with instructions for potting and care. These plants work well in offices, bedrooms, or anywhere else in your house.

Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock! seasonal planter trays for your front porch planters flowers greens
Knock! Knock!

It’s fun to fill your house with plants, but if you’re ready for your front porch to make a statement as well, look no further than Knock! Knock! (starts at $65/season). Instead of shipping one or two houseplants to you each month, this subscription box sends you an expertly prepared large plant tray once every season.

All you need to do to get started is answer a few questions about your porch area, like what style of front door you have, what type of sunlight it gets, what style of planters you’ll be using (the service does not include them), and your zip code. With beautiful plant arrangements from Knock! Knock!, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

The Plant Club

The Plant Club monthly stylish plants and pots subscription box air plants houseplants succulents

Become a member of The Plant Club (starts at $36/month) today, and get curated houseplants sent to your doorstep every month. In addition to their fun and stylish plants, The Plant Club is also known for its awesome pots and accessories, which are ideal for placement in any room in your home office, living room, or anywhere else in your house. Besides the plant and pot, each box includes blended houseplant potting mix, a plant topper, a label and wax pencil, information about your plant, and bonuses like a certified The Plant Club member pin or magnet.

The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co monthly flower delivery subscription service roses lilies alstroemerias exotic flowers
The Bouqs Co.

Houseplants are cute and all, but sometimes you just need some flowers, and The Bouqs Co. (starts at $40/month for 10-16 stems) can help. Enjoy fresh flowers each month or switch up who receives them for a particular month (say, for a birthday or thank you). Choose from one of three style collections—Roses (single-color and multicolor rose arrangements), Farmer’s Market (rustic and bold designs, with earthy flowers like sunflowers and lilies), or The Classics (timeless bouquets with pretty colors of lilies, roses, and alstroemerias).

From there, you’ll customize your plan by how many stems you want—Original is 10-16 stems, Deluxe is 20-32 stems, and Grand is 30-45 stems. Then choose how frequently you want to receive your blooms, with options as frequent as weekly to as little as every other month.

Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios plant subscription box two succulents each box organic fertilizer biodegradable pot
Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios ($10/month + shipping), a second-generation farm in Southern California, sends you two new succulents each month. Succulents are grown in their nursery for eight weeks using only organic fertilizers and media, then shipped directly to you in biodegradable pots with plastic-free packaging (so you’ll need to repot them eventually).

These succulents are hardy and unique, and their ability to thrive without much water is great for inexperienced plant owners. Succulent Studios announces what type of succulent they will be shipping for a particular month on their social media platforms, and subscribing that same month will get you that month’s plant.

The Sill

The Sill plant subscription box monthly small plants medium plants low light plants pet friendly plants houseplants
The Sill

The Sill (starts at $50/month) offers multiple-plant subscription options that are ideal for different plant owner experience levels and light scenarios. You can choose small or medium houseplants for beginner plant owners, low-light plants (ideal for anyone living in a basement apartment), or pet-friendly plants. The Sill offers you one of four planter colors to choose from (or you can switch it up monthly), and you’ll get a different plant type in every box.

Seeds Only

If you have a green thumb and want to grow your own plants, these fun seeds subscription boxes are a perfect match. You’ll receive a few different packs of season- and location-appropriate seeds, planting and care instructions, and in some cases, even some basic planting tools.

Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin' Bin plant seed subscription box flower seeds fruit seeds vegetable seeds garden tools garden projects
Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin’ Bin (starts at $5/mo) brings seasonal seeds to your doorstep (and garden) each month. It offers an impressive variety of seeds and box options that’d please gardening experts, but it also makes planting and caring for the seeds easy enough for beginners to handle. The service offers four different plans to choose from: Basic Bin, Just Seeds, Just Seeds Premium, and Premium Bin.

The basic plan includes seeds, a soil/plant food sample, and sometimes even a live plant. The two Just Seeds plans deliver three to five types of seeds, plus the Premium option gets you a custom binder for keeping instructions safe and the choice between fruit and vegetable seeds, flower seeds, or both. The Premium Bin plan includes seeds, a soil/plant food sample, a project or garden tool, and possibly live plants.

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener monthly seed delivery box non-GMO seeds heirloom seeds non-hybridized seeds gardening supplies gardening fertilizer urban patio garden

If having high-quality heirloom seeds that are non-GMO and non-hybridized is important to you, check out Urban Organic Gardener ($5/month). Included in the curated seed subscription box are starter gardening supplies, labels, fertilizer, and care instructions. The seeds are lovingly customized for you based on your garden characteristics, location, gardening experience, and other factors, so you get the seeds that are most likely to thrive in your locale, whether you’ve got a large countryside garden or a quaint patio urban garden.

Our Little Roots

Our Little Roots monthly subscription box herb seeds fruit seeds flower seeds vegetable seeds seasonal seeds seasonal plants
Our Little Roots

Our Little Roots (starts at $12.95/month) is great for kids and adults alike. The seeds in this plant subscription service are non-GMO and come with organic soil, a biodegradable planting bag, and stakes. When signing up, you’ll specify whether you want seeds for flowers, herbs, fruit, or vegetables, and Our Little Roots will select seeds for you based on the season and what climate you live in so the plants have the best shot at surviving and being healthy.

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